The Gorsky Kavkazi Sunday Hebrew School learned all about the Torah Scroll and 10 commandments, Shavuot and Shabbat this month.  It was filled with exciting events in which the whole family can even participate! In preparation for the holiday of Shavuot, children learned about the Torah scroll, how it’s made and the 10 commandments.  They spoke about each one of them, made arts and crafts and focused on commandment #5 which is honoring parents. Children spoke about how they honor their parents on a daily basis. The children also acted out the story of how G-d gave the Jews the Torah and why we celebrate the holiday of Shavuot.  We learned about how G-d asked the other nations if they want the Torah and they all asked what's in the Torah. After hearing some laws they declined accepting the Torah. When G-d came to the Jews they responded, "we will do and we will hear". First they accepted the Torah and then they heard the details.  Then G-d chose a mountain to give the Torah  on.   All the mountains starting showing off and bragging about why they're the best and the Torah should be given on them.  Har Sinai was humble and didn't show off. G-d said, this is what the Torah teaches.  Be humble. This is the mountain that I want the Torah to be given on. Also, before G-d gave the Torah, he needed guarantors that the Jews would keep the Torah for all generations. After suggesting the great Rabbis, the elderly, the wise etc G-d was only satisfied when the children were suggested to be the guarantors, because the children are continuation of the future generations.  This is why it is so important to teach the holy Torah to our children, so they can pass it on to their children and their children to the next generation. On Sunday, May 20, the children came for their regular Sunday morning school sessions yet since it was the holiday of Shavuot on that day, a special surprise awaited them. The whole family was invited to hear the 10 commandments and enjoy a grand ice cream party. The small hall was filled to capacity as children of all ages gathered to celebrate with their parents, siblings and even grandparents! They enjoyed snacks and drinks, sang songs, heard a story about the holiday of Shavuot and played bingo. Then everyone went to the big hall where the morning prayers were taking place to hear the 10 commandments. After everyone received delicious ice cream of different flavors. It was a celebration full of fun and laughter for the whole family. The following weeks were dedicated to learning about Shabbat. The children discovered what Shabbat is about and how it’s a precious gift that G-d gave to the Jewish people to cherish.  A special challah bake for kids was planned.  Each family had its own baking station, all the ingredients and got to make the dough from scratch!  It was so much fun to come during the week and bake challah with their parents. As usual, this month, everyone advanced in their Hebrew language reading skills. The children are going from level to level and many are already reading fluently - what a wonderful accomplishment! Registration is open for next year’s program! The program is open to children ages 5-12 who attend NYC public schools.  Children learn to read in Hebrew, discover Jewish history and stories, create Jewish themed arts and crafts, celebrate holidays, travel on trips and more!    Gorsky Sunday Hebrew School takes place every Sunday from 11 am - 1 pm at 347 Ocean Parkway.  To register, email info@gorskyjews.com or call 718-693-5999 (leave a message).

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