About us

Our non-profit organization, Ohr HaMizrach, located in the heart of the neighborhood, stands at the core of Gorsky Kavkazi Jewish community life. The needs are unique and vary greatly for each demographic within the community. With a natural sense of belonging to the organization, Gorsky Jews across the East Coast contact Ohr HaMizrach for life cycle events, financial struggles, spiritual guidance, holiday necessities, food packages, community involvement, and more. Our mission is to provide the needed assistance to the community’s life in America, with a focus on successful integration into the larger American community while maintaining the culture of Gorsky Kavkazi Jews.

Since the formation of our organization in 1994, our impact has grown tremendously. With a limited budget compromised of private donations and a staff of mainly volunteers, Ohr HaMizrach has developed diverse programming that produces active participants and ambassadors for the community. Our trajectory for the future includes a brand-new building to address the expansion of the organization. A recent and major milestone was the expansion of our physical property in 2014. With the help of private donors, we purchased an adjacent property next to our current building. We believe that integrating the unique cultural aspects of Gorsky Kavkazi Jews with innovative programming for our diverse community will empower Gorsky Kavkazi Jews of New York to become leaders in the Jewish world at-large.