Gorsky Kavkazi Jews of New York

December 2021

Sunday Hebrew School

Our Sunday Hebrew School had a special carnival to celebrate Chanukah! They played Chanukah-themed games and made edible menorahs!

Chanukah party

Over 100 college students and young professionals attended our lavish Chanukah Bash event! Famous magician and mind reader, Elliot Zimet, blew the guests’ minds with his tricks and it was nothing like we’ve seen before.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this Chanukah so meaningful and joyous!

Such a party could not happen on its own and we would like to thank our teen leaders Janet Shumshumova, Miriam Zarbailova, Radmila Benyaminova, Sasun Mishiev, Ruvin Danilov, Nachum Razilov for helping to make this party what it was.

Food distribution

With rising food prices and the current situation, members were so thankful for the assistance of this month’s food distribution!

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