Gorsky Kavkazi Jews of New York

November 2021

This month was full of new classes, events, and Chanukah celebrations! 

The launch of piano classes for children was a big accomplishment for Sunday programs. The classes are taught by Echiel, a graduate of a Moscow conservatory and a former musician at the well-known Neginah Orchestra. The Gorsky Sunday Hebrew School continued learning Alef Bet, Jewish life cycles, and of course, Chanukah. 

Over 120 children from the community joined for the Chanukah Kids Party and Puppet Show. Rabbi Yosef lit the menorah. The children watched a fascinating puppet show and enjoyed delicious doughnuts and treats!  It was so much fun!

Beautiful events were held for ladies this month.  During Rosh Chodesh Kislev Ladies night, Liel Kuravskiy shared words of inspiration.  Ladies enjoyed a delicious dinner, music, dancing and great company. A magnificent Challah Bake took place this month as well. Many women who came fulfilled the mitzvah of separating challah for the first time. 

Over 100 college students and young professionals will gather to celebrate Chanukah together at a lavish Chanukah Bash.  Read more about it here

Later this month, amazingly the synagogue was honored to host a beautiful outdoor chuppah

for William Velven and Rebecca Viktoria. Mazel tov! 

A men’s gathering was held in honor of 19 Kislev – the day of the liberation of the Author of the Holy book of Tanya.  Participants included guests from Moscow and Israel. 

Despite the cold weather, we once again provided essential groceries during the Monthly food distribution to community members! With preparation for Chanukah, menorahs and candles were available as well.

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