Gorsky Kavkazi Jews of New York

September 2021

It was amazing to see the community come together throughout this special month! 

The month started with renovations and upgrades as the synagogue prepared for the High Holidays. We expanded the backyard, updated the light fixtures, installed new book cases, fixed the seat cushions, and even washed and steamed the talits! 

Right before Rosh Hashana, a grand food distribution took place, providing holiday food essentials to 300 households.  The packages included chicken, apples, honey, rice, fruits, vegetables and other products.

An amazing Pre-Rosh Hashana Challah Bake event took place with 50 women in the new white hall.  It was a very inspiring and beautiful evening.

Gorsky Sunday Hebrew School is back for the new year!  Children learned all about the high holidays, made new friends and are looking forward to an exciting year in the program! 

Sukkot was incredible!  Free sets of lulav and etrog were made available to the community.  This year, we  expanded the sukkah even more and hosted close to 200 people at EACH meal.  During the first days and Shabbat, festive holiday meals were provided to youth and families in the area, many of whom live in apartment buildings and don’t have their own sukkahs. 


During chol hamoed, the rain didn’t stop the celebration at the Annual Sukkot Party!  There was delicious BBQ, music, dancing and Macaroni the Clown performed a show for kids!

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